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Pressure equipment with CE marking, designed and manufactured as per DEP 2014/68/EU and ASME code VIII Div.-1.

The purpose of the filter is to separate any solid impurities that may be moved along the gas line from it, supplemented by the corresponding monitoring equipment. The gas is filtered, with particles greater than 5 microns being deposited at the bottom. It is equipped with a system indicator for the degree of contamination, and at its lowest point, the device has a purge valve to carry out regular cleaning.

Design pressures: ANSI 150, ANSI 300, ANSI 600.

Designed as per the ASME code VIII Div.-1 and certified by the Directive on Pressure Equipment 2014/68/EU in Module H1.

Cartridge and coalescing-type filters

Both types of filters are manufactured depending on the type of application of the RMS and the customer’s requirements due to the conditions in which the gas arrives, with a greater or smaller concentration of impurities.

Filters with a blind flange cover and quick opening cover.

For filters of a certain size, it is very useful to have a quick opening cover in order to carry out maintenance work. When the regular changing of a filter cartridge takes place, or when repairs must be carried out, the quick opening cover helps to minimize the stoppage time of the regulation line on which the filter is located.

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