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Pressure equipment with CE marking, designed and manufactured as per DEP 2014/68/EU and ASME code VIII Div.-1.

For safety reasons, odorant serves the purpose of giving a smell (liquid odorant) to gas fluid, which is odourless, via laminar or injection systems. The device is composed of a cylindrical body of ASTM A-106 Gr. B and a variable length depending on the device model. The ends of the cylindrical body are covered by two caps made of the material A-234 WPB.

Design pressures: ANSI 150, ANSI 300.

Designed as per ASME code VIII Div.-1 and certified as per the Directive on Pressure Equipment 2014/68/EU on Module H1 up to a rating of ANSI-300.

Capacities of 75 l, 100 l and 150 l.

These are manufactured with storage tanks of up to 150L.

Laminar system odorization tank via a diaphragm located in the connected gas facility.

The orifice plate located in the connected facility, and which is appropriately dimensioned, creates a loss of load between the entrance and exit of the odorizing deposit, which is enough so that a quantity of gas to be odorized enters it.

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