Supply connection and distribution network

Design, installation, and maintenance of supply connections and distribution networks for gas receiving facilities, located on both transport and distribution networks.

As part of “turnkey” projects for the construction of gas receiving facilities, supply connections and internal gas distribution networks are designed and built. The connection with the distribution line of the distribution company is made (supply connection), and once the pressure is regulated via the RMS, the gas is moved, whether through aerial or underground lines, to consumption points (internal distribution network), including regulation units.

After the facilities have been put into operation, the maintenance work corresponding to them is carried out in accordance with current regulations.

Homologated welders and welding procedures.

Depending on the final product required, various homologated welding procedures and the corresponding homologation of welders are available, both for stainless and carbon steel.

Legal certification of receiving facilities as well as the gas equipment that composes them.

TECNOGAS’s “turnkey” concept for projects for the construction of receiving facilities or their modification or expansion, does not come to an end with the launch of the facilities. Rather, if the customer so requires, the legalization project for the facility will be carried out, as well as for the gas equipment within the network requiring legalization, in accordance with RD 919/2006.