RMS. Gas pressure Regulating and Metering Station

Design, installation, and maintenance of RMS and MS for transport and distribution, gas receiving facilities, and power generation facilities (MOP80, MOP16, MOP5, MOP0.4, MOP0.15)

Design and construction of RMS for any purpose as well as for all types of boilers and input pressures, ranging from large-scale stations for co-generation turbines or combined cycles, to stations connecting industries with low consumption to the natural gas distribution network.

We carry out resistance and/or water tightness tests both in our own workshops as well as in the field once the RMS is permanently installed.

Aerial and semi-underground RMS

Compact design of RMS, minimizing their space and taking into account the environmental aspects surrounding the facilities, which are appropriate for distribution networks.

Semi-underground design to avoid the categorization of confined space, construction of the RMS covering both in sheet metal and concrete. Designs with small dimensions and with easy-to-access interiors to facilitate subsequent maintenance operations affecting the devices that they are composed of, with integrated fan intakes and outflows as well as drainage.

Possibility of providing electrical installations when necessary.

With pre-heaters and heating circuits.

When the pressure of gas drops, its temperature decreases by around 0.5°C for each bar of pressure drop. The heat exchanger compensates for this drop in temperature.

Applications: transport, distribution, receiving facilities, co-generation, combined cycles, cryogenic plants, others.

The applications for which RMS are designed and built are varied, and include various sectors of activity, ranging from industrial manufacturing to power generation, as well as the transportation and distribution of natural gas.

For each case and application, the design requirements for the RMS are specific. At TECNOGAS’s technical office, we evaluate its optimal design, reducing the cost for the customer as much as possible. Nonetheless, we never sacrifice the safety of facilities and always observe strict compliance with current regulations.

More than 2,000 units supplied which have been to our customers’ full satisfaction

During its 50 years in the natural gas sector, TECNOGAS has manufactured, supplied, and put into operation a large number of regulating and metering stations, which makes it a benchmark in this market, and attests to its quality and reliability guarantee.

A large number of these RMS are still currently receiving regular maintenance services.