Development of engineering aspects,
deliverables and facilities
for gas transportation
and distribution networks.

TECNOGAS has participated in multiple projects for the construction and expansion of gas pipelines for gas distribution companies, both directly and through construction and engineering companies.

Supply and installation of devices for gas pipeline junctions, valve sets, RMS and electrical connections.


Engineering, implementation,
and maintenance studies
for gas receiving facilities
for industries.

Design and assembly of complete gas receiving facilities, from the supply connection to the regulating units for points of consumption, going through the RMS and internal distribution network.

Legal certification of receiving facilities and gas equipment.

TECNOGAS always offers its customers the service of completing legal requirements for new or retrofitted facilities, as well as for gas equipment, as part of its turnkey natural gas facilities.


Manufacture and supply
of pressure equipment.

Design, manufacture, and provision of pressure equipment compliant with the strictest quality standards, in full compliance with Directive 97/23/CE on pressure equipment and with the ASME design code.

TECNOGAS has Module H1 certification. Full quality assurance with control of the design and special monitoring of the final verification.